Press Release


Winestate Magazine

December, 2013

Dumplings are the major magnet and you can watch them being expertly tucked and pleated by the chefs in the glassed-in kitchen


SMH Good Food Under $30

March, 2014

We were awarded the highest accolade among Sydney's cheap eats - 3 stars out of 3.


Karry On

September 2015

The restaurant boasts consumer favourites such as Xiao Long Bao, prawn wontons with chilli oil, peanut and sesame sauce and a range of dumplings.


Herald Sun, Taste

September, 2014

"Does Melbourne need more dumplings? Don't be ridiculous. Of course we do. And New Shanghai is serving up some of the city's best."


SMH Good Food Second Helping Awards

September 3, 2013

We got the gong for the best buns from the SMH Good Food Guide reviewers.

the age logo.png

The Age, Epicure

August, 2014

The Epicure lift out in The Age reports the opening of New Shanghai's first restaurant in Melbourne.


The Daily Telegraph

September 2015

This chain, which specialises in Shanghainese-style dumplings, started in Ashfield and is now ubiquitous where good food is found, including dual Chatswood locations.


Brisbane Good Food Guide

September 2015

New Shanghai serves up an intriguing and comprehensive selection of Chinese dishes.


Time Out

August, 2015

Emporium’s lofty third-floor food court is the home of many fashionable food establishments, and New Shanghai is no exception. Hit the slippery, pork-filled ‘shepherd’s purse’ wontons with chilli oil and a dribble of peanut butter for a modern spin on classic flavours.

the daily advertiser.png

The Daily Advertiser

August 2015

New Shanghai, Ashfield: a modern, clean-tasting and fresh northern Chinese dumpling place that's focused on design as well as great dumplings. We have all seen the ubiquitous Chinese dumpling house.

the urban list.png

The Urban List

September 2015

Catch a peek at how your dumplings are made in their live dumpling making theatre as you enjoy a taste from one of the main players in Sydney's booming dumpling scene.